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Build you own box service in a few clicks and safely share your files

WebGATE turn your computer into a cloud drive

YobiDrive WebGATES installs in a couple of clicks, and you can immediately start defining shared folders, readers and writers. Your files do not need to be stored in the cloud. You keep them home on your servers, workstations or laptops, on-premise or in the datacenter of your choice.


Build your own box-like service

With YobiDrive WebGATES, offer a box-like sharing service from any computer without any IT knowledge. You can have a YobiDrive WebGATE installed on multiple servers, workstations and even laptops, for permanent or temporary file sharing via the YobiDrive cloud.


Connect to the cloud in 60 seconds

The magic of YobiDrive WebGATES is that you don't even have to configure your firewall nor putting your network at risk by accepting incoming connexions. And the access rights of all your YobiDrive WebGATES are centralized in one place and manageable from an easy to use Web interface.


The YobiDrive WebGATE agent installed on your computers exist in several versions, the enterprise version being designed for massively parallel transactions. Security benefits from the YobiDrive digital safe experience, with encrypted communications all the way and the possibility to add options such as audit trails, download tracking, two factor authentication, WebDAV remote access or synchronisation.


Connect to your YobiDrive WebGATE

YobiDrive WebGATES is on the Mac App Store, turning your Mac into the most cost-effective professional file sharing solution. Click here to go to the store.


As always with YobiDrive, all modules can be provided as white label products, and mixed together to build next generation box, video, digital safe or IoT services. YobiDrive WebGATES is compatible with other YobiDrive applications and modules, allowing to build enterprise class hybrid cloud solutions.


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