How it works

All of our products are subject to the “[Product name] specific conditions”, when applicable, and the “YobiDrive general conditions”.

As an example, WebGATES is subject to “WebGATE specific conditions” and “YobiDrive general conditions”. As described is the “YobiDrive general conditions”, the specific conditions articles have precedence over the general conditions article when conflicting. We suggest that you read first the general conditions. All documents are provided in pdf format so that you may archive them for your records.

The YobiDrive WebGATE Agent uses Java SE technology from Oracle®, and does not require the commercial features as mentioned hereafter to function. The Java SE environment packaged with the agent is complete and fully functional and is provided according to Oracle’s license available at

Use of the Commercial Features for any commercial or production purpose requires a separate license from Oracle. “Commercial Features” means those features identified Table 1-1 (Commercial Features In Java SE Product Editions) of the Java SE documentation accessible at








Modification of the YobiDrive Terms and Conditions

The YobiDrive generic and specific Terms and Conditions may be changed by posting the amended version on this page. Such changes will enter into force at the later of= (i) five (5) Working days after this notification; (ii) the end of the billing period or prepaid subscription for paid services. In case the business partner does not accept the changes, it may terminate the YobiDrive Terms and Conditions by stopping using the YobiDrive services before such entry into force. The continued use of the YobiDrive products or services after the entry into force of the YobiDrive Terms and Conditions as amended shall be deemed an acceptance of such changes.

YobiDrive is a registered trademark of EZC Group S.A. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.